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Guest starspirit

Just because someone rattles your cage Rupert me old bear it don't mean you have to have a go at all the cuddly teddies on here (your postings do read a bit like aforesaid furry mammal with a sore head).

They only tried to respond to your perceived plight with good grace and humour.

If you have a gripe against someone why not just name the name(s) and leave it to the party(ies) to respond and the rest of us will form our own conclusions?

You'll never catch me stirring up dissent or winding people up.




When I eventually get the time off from being a full time loafer I will try and change my u/n to Richard so that I am neither invisible (hardly with my weight) nor anonymous.

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Thanks Handyman aka Rupert.

A lot of replies on here do seem to border on the humerous. There are also a few loonies who try to stir up animosity.

Take the humour in good part, they are not laughing at you, just trying to make a situation lighter: ignore the loonies. You soon find out who they are.

Peace brother.b

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