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TV Bracket.


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All done and I am happy with the results!


It was a little emotional drilling into the wall for the 12v socket and even more so going into the bathroom wall. Still I can confirm all is very sturdy and I need not have worried as much as I was!.


Let me know what you all think!





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Yeah I think so. I have a great little storage place for that! :)


Although I think with a strap around it to stop it swinging about it would be fine.


In the position it is, it can be swivel round to be viewed from the fixed bed as well!

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Len Salisbury - 2016-03-20 10:35 PM


No joy as yet. I have been able to post pics on my Army forum and they are 300 kb so I shall have to dig deeper tomorrow when I ask the Boffins.




Photos have to be less than 100 kb to post on here!



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