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euro car parts


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Hi Pagey,


Thanks for that but unfortunately nothing spectacular as ECP always seem to have discount offers and 30% is one of the lowest I've seen!


The other day they offered 70% off selected lines, just nothing I needed at the time though.


Worth signing up for emails if there's something you may need in the future.


OH and watch out, I priced up Castrol oil when it was 50% off, only to find that they had hiked their retail price so even with 50% off it was still cheaper elsewhere (namely Costco).



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ECP base prices are artificially inflated. They always have either a sale or coupon offer in progress which reduces them to a more realistic level, but even with the discount applied it is nearly always possible to find various items cheaper elsewhere, unless you're purchasing the cheaper branded parts.


ECP have a sister site called CarParts4Less which operates in a similar fashion but with lesser discounts and the basic prices less artificially inflated. They are usually cheaper overall than ECP.


For example, I have just bought oil, filter, rear brake pads and a wiper blade for my wife's car. 30% sale on ECP and a 12% "weekend event" on CP4L. I bought from CP4L, exact same items as on ECP site, but £7 cheaper.

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Some ECP stuff is great value so its worth checking them online.

They have grown fast, injecting competition into the parts sector and putting others out of business.

So I would expect to see them being maligned in the same way the supermarkets were when they put filling stations out of business - who couldn't compete with the supermarkets on price so some of them claimed supermarket petrol will wreck your engine etc *-)

But ECP do have a network of branches to maintain so can't sell everything cheap.

Got to get profit in the till somehow.

So they use discriminatory pricing and if you just turn up at the counter without checking online prices first, fixing the price with click and collect, you can pay a high price..

You.ve got to watch 'em ;-)

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Hi not sure if it will be of any use but I suggest trying




It is the same company as ECP and the same website pretty much.


The parts are often half price and come with free delivery.


It makes ECP seem like rip of merchants tbh.


The only downside will be if you need to return something I guess.


Hope this is helpful.

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