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Wifi Kit 07 from Wifi Antennas


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Hi Patricia,


I also have an Alfa router but paired with an Omni-Directional antenna.




I rarely use my router but when I do find it is a bit awkward to set up until you get the hang of it.


The Antenna gets a good signal and can be used on its own with a USB connection and more often than not this is all I use with my laptop.


Faculty-X offer both as a kit saving a bit of money...





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Had an R36 on my van for the past 8 years odd. Good bits of kit. You'll not get the full bandwidth available from some access points with it though due to USB/CPU limitations. I get 10Mbits with suitable wifi though which is fine!


Personally, with an external omni antenna such as the one in the kit, I would use an 'ALFA Tube U' rather than the WiFi adapter pictured. Getting the antenna cable as short as poss is a good thing. Rule is to have the USB cable long and the antenna feed short. 'Keithl' above links to an outfit that supplies a 'Tube U' with a suitable antenna attached.


There's some info on my blog re setting up the R36





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Hi Hamish, I purchased the Wifi Long Range device that you recommended. I am wondering if you could spare the time to answer some questions. I am having trouble setting it up. I don't have a CD player on my laptop so can't set up that way. The instructions aren't that clear to me. I have tried googling but not much help.

Am I over complicating things and can I just simply plug it in the my laptop and use it on WiFi 2. I am trying to set up in my home.

You can email me directly if you prefer b.t.young@sky.com



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Not quite on subject but we have an EE 4GEE WIFI MINI. I got it free when I upgraded my phone with EE. It came with 500MB each month and the deal cost me £1 per month extra on my mobile phone package and I got a new phone. (also with 500mb).


It has worked well so far down through France and now in Spain. We use the campsite's free whenever we can for our laptops downloading The Times, watching You tube stuff and emailing etc., but the 4GEE device is good for our phones, saving on their data packages.


We dont watch TV or videos online or play games etc, so we survive on free site wifi and our own devices.


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