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interior rear view mirror


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fesspark - 2018-10-31 6:59 PM


I want to remove my mirror from my windscreen,and I have no idea how to remove it,any help please fesspark


The procedure involved in removing and refitting the interior rear-view mirror of a Fiat Ducato X290 was described by Robinhood here




I accidentally knocked the mirror off my Ducato X290’s windscreen. The mirror detached quite easily (presumably it’s designed to do this for safety reasons in the event of an accident) but - as Robinhood points out - replacing the mirror is another matter. I had no intention of putting the mirror back on the screen, but I experimented briefly using Robinhood’s advice and decided that the process was too risky to continue with.


I’m pretty sure you own a Fiat Ducato X290-based 2018 BURSTNER IXEO TL 680G motorhome - but that assumption comes from having needed to read through your earlier postings :-( :-(


Can I ask you (and anyrbody else this request may apply to) to read the thread at the head of this forum




and my comment here




and insert identifying details of your motorhome in the Location field of your forum Profile as Keithl and I have done. Thanks in anticipation...

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Most of the time it's perfectly adequate if just the year/make/model of a person’s motorhome is known and the most effective way to provide that information is to insert it in the Location field via the Forums Control Panel (2nd from right in the ‘bar’ below the “Welcome fesspark” message at the top of this webpage). This method means that, whenever you post something (be it inquiry, advice, joke - whatever) to the forum, it's immediately evident what motorhome you own.


While it's mildly entertaining to learn that someone is located "On the back-side of the Moon", it would be a lot more helpful when they ask a question about, say, their motorhome's electrical or heating system to know they were living on the moon in, say, a 1999 Auto-Sleepers Legend. Even if the question fails to identify specifically the electrical or heating system, if I know what the motorhome is there's a reasonable chance I'll know what equipment it's fitted with. To add more motorhome-related details, the Profile’s "Interests” field can be used. (I note that you’ve used the “Interests” field of your Profile to identify your motorhome - except the information is out of date and, in any case, it would be better put in the “Locations” field.)


This forum has never had a dedicated field in the Forums Control Panel to identify the vehicle one owns despite this being an obviously useful piece of information, and using the Location field is the only realistic option that ensures that identifying data for the motorhome are immediately apparent. Entering the information takes just a minute or two and the benefits are genuine and long term.


Incidentally, your staterment that you own a 2018 Burstner Ixeo 680G is still incomplete, as there is an “I” (A-class) version of the Ixeo 690G (ie. Burstner Ixeo I 680G) and also a “T” (low-profile) version (ie. Burstner Ixeo T 680G). The mirror-removal procedure mentioned in my posting above applies to Ducato X290 vehicles with the standard cab (ie. it would apply to a Burstner Ixeo T 680G), but the windscreen of an A-class motorhome will normally be completely different from that of a low-profile model and the method used to fit a rear view mirror on the A-class model is also likely to differ. Based on your earlier comments about fitting a supplementary external mirror, I’m near certain you have the “T” (low profile) version of the Ixeo 680G but, if you are going to put identifying details in the Location field of your Profile, it makes sense that those details exactly match how Burstner describes the model of motorhome you own


More advice on the Profile here



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fesspark - 2018-11-03 9:04 AM


Thanks Derek have updated my vehicle...


You’ve updated the information in the “Interests” field of your Profile, but (as you’ll see if you compare your postings with mine) doing this fails to cause identifying details of your Ixeo motorhome to appear on your postings (where they really need to be).


What I suggest you do is put the following


"Holcombe Dawlish, 2018 Burstner Ixeo T 680G”


in your Profile’s Location field, and just have




in your Profile’s Interests field.


(I’ve no access to forum-members’ Profiles, otherwise I’d do it for you.)

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