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Truma combi(E) problem


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We are currently on Isle of Harris and a problem has come to light over last few days and I wondered if anybody had come across this before.


It’s a bit weird and complicated so bear with me as I describe


Soooo there are 5 fuel selection options on

1) electric high power - no problems, it works and all leds are on as they should be

2) electric low power - it appears ok but after a few minutes on electric heating the gas starts operating, you hear it ignite and roar away for a few minutes until it cuts out and warning lights come up.

3) gas only - when attached to 240 v the boiler starts on gas for a few minutes for the initial high boost then gas switches off and electric 240 v light comes up on the switch

Gas only - not attached to 240 v: boiler starts on gas for the usual high boost when you can hear roaring ( all as it has always been) then it cuts out and the yellow led starts blinking in twos when is an indication of low battery . I do not have a meter to check battery but my panel is showing fully charged and when it first happen we had just finished a long drive. All the other electric equipment works fine. The vehicle is two years old.

4) mixed mode low electric power- not sure , I didn’t write that down at the time and now I am just confused. I did try that mode with no electric and just had flashing yellow led to say low battery.

In one of the many combinations also had a red warning light.

We originally only selected low electric power because we hooked up to a community power point with 6 amps. ( we have used that point last year with no problems.


I am pretty sure I will just have to wait until I can get to a dealer after I get home but this forum has come up trumps in the past so thought I would put this out there to see if anybody has heard of this before.


We are working around by booking sites with power rather than wild camping. We need a working boiler cos the facilities at most sites are closed. We are committed to one wild camp whilst as we have an early ferry and there is no campsite close but there is always a kettle!


Sooo, anybody come across this before?



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What type of control panel does your motorhome have for its Truma Combi 6E?


I would have thought a 2018 Globecar would have a Truma CP Plus panel and, consequently, the panel would show fault codes if problems were recognised.




However, your reference to LEDs and lights blinking suggests that you may have the ’traditional’ two rotary dial-switches arrangement, with one dial selecting the heating gas, electric or mixed mode and the other dial controlling air or water heating and temperature.


The following (Australian) link is to a list of Combi ‘flash codes’ (it’s 2010 vintage, so may be out of date now) which is primarily intended to aid Truma technicians trouble-shooting.




Given the complexity of the heater’s behaviour, I don’t think it’s going to be practicable for you to fix this problem yourself. It would be worth confirming what DC voltage is present at the heater (as you’ve mentioned 'low battery’ warnings) but you’ve said you don’t have a meter with you to do this. Except for the one off-campsite stop, if you can find campsites with high enough output EHUs you should be able to survive using 230V 1800W power until you get home.


I think your Globescout is about 3 months beyond its Globecar and Truma warranty periods, so I suggest you get your dealer to investigate the problem without delay as repairs to Truma Combis can be costly.

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Thank you Derek and Keith.


Firstly Keith


This is the start of our third year. We have wild camped successfully in previous years and also had two winter ski trips where the heater was in use 24/7. This is definitely new...that being said I had an addition 12v socket fitted at its service in August so the more I think about it the more suspicious I become.


Derek, thank you, I have the old two dial type of controller.

I think you are correct, this is beyond my competence level. I have also contacted our dealer who have now asked me to bring it in and leave it with them for a few days when I get back.


I had hoped that there might have been a reset procedure or a fuse I could pull to partial disable but I think I am stuck, as you suggest, with relying on sites with 240v hook ups. Not the end of the world, just annoying.


Thank you once again for your responses. When I have the problem solved I will update this post.



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peterjl - 2020-09-18 10:02 AM

This is definitely new...that being said I had an addition 12v socket fitted at its service in August so the more I think about it the more suspicious I become.




A simple thing to check would be the new wiring, have they possibly disturbed the 12 volt negative connection to the heater?



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Hi Keith


I had a look. All the wiring is in trunking of various sorts. Certainly nothing I feel confident about opening up to look in. No loose wires and I am not even sure where the terminals are, they are all locked away.


Thank you for the idea but I think I need to leave to someone with a lot more knowledge/skill than I have..



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After 4 days on a site with 240v hook up plus a longish drive myy boiler and controls now working correctly, ie on gas it heats water with no warning lights.

On electric it’s working fine.


As the first indication of faults was the low battery warning ( one flash very few seconds of amber led) before it morphed in crazy warnings and outputs, the problem may have stemmed from low leisure battery voltage even though my panel showed Battery at 75% ie 12.3v.

It seems to me that the panel showing the battery voltage may be incorrect and/ or the truma warning comes on at the incorrect voltage.


When I get home I need to get myself a multimeter and learn how to use it!


Anyway, It seems to be working now, I will just monitor.



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