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12v socket


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As above, though I suspect you'll be using the dedicated Aux (TV) socket.


If so, check the Aux fuse in the 12V part of the power distribution box.


(And, though a little left-field, check the type of socket Elddis have fitted. Brochures say they've fitted a DIN (Hella) socket for the cab 12V supply. I wonder if they've done the same with the TV socket. They look quite similar to an untrained eye. Most 12V TVs come with cigar-lighter plugs, and though many of these will (at least partially) fit into a DIN socket, they won't make the correct connection. If this is the case, a DIN plug to Cigar Lighter socket converter is probably the best route)

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peterjl - 2020-09-22 9:14 PM




Have you checked the fuse for the 12v circuit?


In my last van I had a two fuses blow on different 12v socket circuits. No reason. They just didn’t work. I changed fuses and hey presto.



Some years ago I found a problem with CBE manufactured "Auto" or cigarette lighter style sockets. I was trying out a USB adapter, and kept blowing fuses, apparently at random. I found that on the CBE socket, the positive connection entered halfway down the socket barrel as an uninsulated strip. In two positions, the plug negative connectors were bridging the socket negative ring to the uninsulated positive strip. My cure was twofold. Firstly, the sockets were dismantled, and heatshrink insulation was applied to the positive metal strip. Secondly an "O" ring on the barrel of the adapter stopped it from being pushed in far enough to cause a short circuit.



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