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Tap leaking


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Autotail 2018 Tracker EKS has leaking washbasin tap. The "weeping" leak seems to come from the side of the body of the tap. We have replaced the cassette inside the tap as advised in many previous posts but it is still leaking. I cannot see how to dismantle the tap further than I did when I replaced the cassette and suspect the leak may be coming from where the spout swivels on the body of the tap. Is it possible to dismantle it further and replace possible seals? Due to the confined space below the tap in the under sink locker it is going to be extremely difficult to remove the tap and fit a replacement. Any suggestions or tips would be welcome?
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I have just been out and dismantled my spare, used tap for you!


Remove the cartridge then unscrew the outer metal body of the tap from the brass base section which is clamped to the basin from below. If it is tight you may have to hold the underside to prevent it from turning.


Once the outer body is off the base then the swivel tap simply lifts off!




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YouTube videos about curing leaking mixer taps on leisure-vehicles normally concentrate on replacing the internal cartridge (which Deesider has already done). Keith has described how to take the next steps, but the cause of the leak from the tap’s swivelling section will still need to be addressed.


This 2014 forum thread discussed mixer taps leaking from where the tap's swivelling ‘swan neck’ joins the tap’s body.




Until the tap is dismantled it won’t be possible to know if the joint seals are standardised or unusual. Hopefully it will be the former - otherwise it might prove necessary to replace the complete tap.


I think the tap’s position is as shown on the attached photo, so (as was said in the original posting) removal/replacement may well be challenging. This is often the case, and stopping my Rapido’s kitchen-sink mixer tap from moving on the worktop involved keyhole surgery technigues with access gained through a small inconspicuous cover in the undersink cabinet, using a combination of various tools, a torch, a mirror and a manipulative procedure equivalent to a vet delivering a breach-birth calf. And that was just to tighten the tap to the worktop, not to remove it.


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