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Seat Strut

Richard Dodd

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As no-one has answered with specific knowledge......

Gas struts are fairly generic items. The correct replacement can be determined by measuring both the length of the cylinder and it's extended length (to the desired fixing point).

The other key parameter is the force (now generally measured in Kg or in Nm) that it exerts (if it's to hold up a raised seat base it is likely to be at the lower end of the values). Unless you're unlucky, you can probably determine this value from the labelling on the existing strut.

Then you need to check the end mounts (eyelet or ball, etc, and these might be reusable).

Then, eBay might be your friend, or for specific requirements, someone like SGS would probably help:


(The complete range)

...or possibly more specifically...


(I know that's a different model, but, I'd be inclined to send an enquiry if you can define your parameters).

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