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Scam callers


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If a scammer calls saying they are from your bank, and to confirm ring the number on the back of your card, I understood that if the scammer doesn't hang up they could stay on the line.

So you need to call from another phone.

But current advice doesn't  mention using another phone eg; https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/58ByN3WgMLsXrpYTHv5pD5h/top-3-tips-to-be-scam-safe

So can scammers still stay on the line by not hanging up?

Does anybody know?

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43 minutes ago, stevec176 said:

Unfortunately this is also true with emails that require you to click on a link or give you a number to call, you can never be 100% sure it's legit so don't use them. 

I think the same could be true if someone put a link in a post on a forum like this one?

But if you hover your cursor over the link you can see the web address it links to

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I think you are absolutely right about the hanging on the line scam...................in which case the advice is very misleading. In fact it encourages people to think they are following best advice and to do the wrong thing.

I'll experiment by phoning a friend later.Or does anyone know for sure?

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I have just tried it - calling my BT landline from my Lebara (Vodafone network) mobile.  When I hang up the BT landline it disconnects straightaway.  Don't know whether it works like that between all networks though.  So to be certain it might still be advisable to use another phone or ring someone else in between as Colin suggested?

But I can remember when the call did not disconnect until both parties hung up - and there was a good reason for it.  In the days before wireless home phones we would have immovable wired extensions throughout the house - and it was useful in that you could put the phone down in one room, go to another and pick the phone up, all without disconnecting the call.  Wheras now you can just carry the phone throughout the house there is no need to put one phone down and pick up another.

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