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Windscreen blinds


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I am considering down sizing in the new year to a campervan. The vehicles I like are based on either a MB Sprinter or VW Crafter. My current & previous MH's were based on Fiat Ducatos. Both Fiats were fitted with Remis blinds concertina style to the front screen & side front door windows and  I really liked the concept. However I have not seen the same option for either the VW or MB here in AU. I have been on various sites but am unable to ascertain if blinds are made for the CURRENT models of both brands.  If anyone is aware of a brand/supplier I would be grateful. Cheers,

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The REMIS 2024 catalogue 


suggests that REMIfront cab blinds are available for current-model VW Crafters.


There are several UK on-line adverts for these blinds and it's evident that - for pre-1917 Crafters - the windscreen blinds were 2-piece, drawing horizontally from the vehicle's A-pillars, whereas - from 2017 onwards - the blind is 1-piece, pulling upwards fro the base f the windscreen.

This UK advert provides more details


(There is a need to be VERY careful when ordering a REMIfront windscreen blind to ensure that there's no conflict between the blind and the vehicle's particular specification. Even minor differences in (say) the position of a rear-view mirror on the windscreen, can make the blind unusable.)

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Not the blinds, but the vans!  🙂  Do remember that the SEVEL vans are wider than the Sprinter/Crafter, which facilitates more flexible layouts especially where beds are concerned.  I don't think you can do transverse beds on "Sprafters".  Not sure about IVECO, if you get them in Aus, but may be a viable alternative if it's RWD you want.

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Thank you all for your excellent responses. I am considering three campervans as a possible replacement for my Adria motorhome.  My current and previous MH were/are both Ducato based. The Fiats have been ultra reliable but I fancy a change. One local builder here offers basically the same layout using Crafter and Sprinter (front drive version) as the base vehicle. As you all know there is always a compromise when deciding on a new purchase so I am spreadsheeting  the two vehicles above against an Australian only version of the Adria Twin campervan based on Ducato. One area was the front blinds fitted on the Adria but not on the other two. The blinds for me are a deal breaker if not available thus my call for help. 
Brian it is possible to have an east/west bed in the Crafter by using pods on the side walls to offer the bed length needed. Both the models I am considering are north /south layouts. The Iveco van is available here and is used by a couple of boutique converters. Cheers, Gary.

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16 hours ago, Keithl said:


The Sprinter and Crafter used to be one and the same, much like all the Sevel variants, but since the split of VW and MB in 2016 they have been unique designs.

Here is a not too recent article on the differences https://www.vansdirect.co.uk/blognews/vw-crafter-vs-mercedes-sprinter-what-are-the-differences/


Thanks Keith - I'd missed that and, having just got a new Ducato based camper, wasn't paying much attention to other makes - at least - that's my excuse.  😉 It seems the Sprinter remains narrower than the SEVELS, though the current difference seems only to be about 10mm externally - excluding mirrors.  No idea how the interior widths compare.  Couldn't find an overall width for the Crafter less mirrors, but still, I think bearing in mind when evaluating vans for PVC conversion.  Every little helps!   🙂 

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