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Bailey Approach Fuses and Fuse panel


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I have a 2014 Bailey Approach Compact 540 which is on a Peugeot Boxer Chassis. I am trying to identify the purpose od the fuses in the drivers side door pillar fuse panel. It does not resemble any pictures in the handbook supplied So I do not know the fuse numbering or purpose. It has 6 fuse slots 4 occupied. I have searched online and can see others have this type fitted but no diagrams or keys to be found.

All and any help gratefully received.



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  • Keithl changed the title to Bailey Approach Fuses and Fuse panel

This is the Convertors socket i.e. left by Fiat / Peugeot for the convertor to pick up connections for D+, rear speakers etc.

I have a pdf description but unable to post it due to restriction on file types. Is there anything specific you wish to know? 


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MR GOOGLE translates the in-Italian description of the six Fuses F54-F59 into English as follows

F54 - Minibus intake/ventilation fan

F55 - Heated seats

F56 - 12v socket for transporting people/transformers

F57 - Underseat heating/solenoid valve/enable heating suppl.

F58 - Left heated rear window

F59 - Right heated rear window

This link may also be useful


and includes this fuse-related information


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