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Fiat X250 Safety Issue Spare wheel carrier failure


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Guest Peter James
Brambles - 2011-12-01 4:27 PM

Anyway, the point is the bell is clearly the wrong one. If you also look at the kit pictiure I showed, you can see a bar extending each side of the bracket just above the bell. I assume this rests up against the 'wire' loop shaped guide, or at least stops the asssembly going higher than this point. possibly if no wheel is fitted and assmebly is wount up, it stops it swinging about too much.


Well I have had the 15" wheel carrier taken off today, and the correct 16" wheel carrier fitted.

It seems to be the same carrier with a different bell to fit the different size wheel.

A couple of surprises.

* The 'bar extending each side of the bracket just above the bell' shown on Brambles photo and mentioned in the quote above is still not present.

* The bolt is still too large a diameter to go through the locator hole in the wheel, so still has to go through a wheelbolt hole.


But the correct bell is a perfect fit for the wheel. (see photos)


(PS: the inside of the wheel is white as it had been full of water and rust so I cleaned it and sprayed it with the white paint I happened to have available)





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Reviving this thread to point out that Peugeot have now extended the build end date of this recall to include more vehicles:


- previously the range was from build dates 18/2/2006 to 16/10/2007 and VINs VF3******11000648 to VF3******11313327


- the VOSA site has now been updated and gives the range as 18/2/2006 to 10/10/2008, newly including VINs VF3******11313328 to VF3 ****** 11572688


I received a VOSA Safety Recall notice today as my 2008-built X2/50 is now affected whilst previously it wasn't.

I doubt I'll be affected as my mechanism looks similar to the new ones pictured above and was fitted by the converter to the chassis extensions anyway, but I'll let Peugeot take a look..

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