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Diesel in clean water tank.


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BioMagic Water Tank Cleaner is advertised here.




These 2014 and 2011 forum threads discussed the diesel-in-water-tank issue






Some of the links may be out of date and the Auto-Sleepers link needs forum registration to view.


Another treatment is described here




and there are plenty of online comments




This (marine) one mentions BioMagic positively




20 litres is a lot of diesel and the filler hose leading to the water tank will have been contaminated as well as the interior of the tank. Hopefully the problem was realised immediately after the diesel fuel had been put into the tank rather than being unnoticed and water then been drawn from the tank. In the latter case diesel woulfd have found its way into the water system’s pipework and, if hot water had been drawn off, have also entered the water boiler.


(For the record, Hans lives in Belgium. So it’s likely that the club member he mentions also lives there - or at least in Continental Europe not the UK.)

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I agree with the above to clear it properly a new tank and fill line at least is required or the tank can never be used for drinking water again.

in the least I would do this (having been in similar situation with cross contamination in ships FW tanks)

A removing the diesel might be easier if there was some water already in the tank and the van hadn't been driven far to create a large interface of water /diesel mix.

it needs to be sucked out from the top' not drained or more of the tank will be contaminated, then use oil soak pads used for spills to remove any remaining fuel oil (they do not suck up water) fill the tank completely with water and keep using the oil spill pads. suck the water out via the filler.

Now the tank needs to be chemically cleaned and at least the filler line replaced. flush through with plenty of water over a week or two, it will eventually clear but wouldn't trust it for drinking for a couple of months....


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I completely agree there is no really satisfactory "cleaning it up" solution, only varying degrees of replacement depending on where any trace of diesel oil got.

Potentially a very big bill, so one I would exhaust every possible insurance claim angle, before picking the bill up.

That is what we insure for.

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I have used Biomatic on four vans for customers it takes a while and may require two treatments, this is ok if you haven’t used the taps etc. Clean it out use it for everything but drinking, the taste will eventually fade but always remain.
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That is correct Keithl. On my Range Rover diesel there is a safety block in case of the petrol nose entering. You have to reset whit yellow plastic strap. I support about 150 motorhomes on about 400 dogs in agility on farmers land to make it happen. The same in the UK where it was invented. Man In the bar and woman outside playing whit their dogs. Improvement and better markings need to be done on this. The tank was sucked out and a product was introduced by a belgian dealer which i do not have the name.I have a lot of experience of cleaning tanks on oil tankers. This must be done be cause the crude oil attacks the walls and is corrosive. They need also to be degassed. Then they go ballast them whit sea water Half height for the the next load. And inert gas pumped in to prevent explosions. So my idea is salt water 70 deg C.
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Hans - 2021-03-06 2:54 PM


She called me. After putting in the diesel she looked at the dashboard and no diesel. She understand what went on and tapped off the diesel to ground. No pumps used.


That was lucky depends how assessable the tank is mine has a 6" screw off lid I'd get some water soluble degreaser like Muc Off or similar give the inside of tank a good coating then wash it out repeating a few times finally using some thing like Puriclean

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