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If you're going to do it, need to do asap. They give you refund on complete months left, so hurry up and you'll get April onwards refund.

DVLA site is great. almost a pleasure to use, especially when you're getting £ back. You'll need your registration document (V5) handy as well as registration plate number.


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Sydney1 - 2020-03-26 7:14 PM


Just be careful as I understand some (maybe all) insurance companies will reduce insurance cover from fully comprehensive to TPF&T


Tried to get lay up policy for SORN in my drive way, they don't do one, best quote was £200.91 basic

fully comp only. TPF&T £348.01 insurance companies don't like TPF&T. When our son passed his test

in 2004, his modified classic Mini was £770.00 FC, TPF&T was £3500.00 !!!! they told us it was to

discourage people using it, one accident can mean younger drivers may be paying compo for the rest

of thier life. (Also can you afford to loose it to a pikey by not insuring it?.) I just reduced my annual milage to the minimum, and the M/H is staying the drive for now. Your'e saving money by staying home anyway, so pay up, you know it make's sense.


Stay safe and well.




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Thanks for your response, must admit that is how I read it but I wondered if renewing and SORNING for the same date might confuse the 'sytem' and result in a protracted 'experience' with the DVLA or whatever they call themselves now.

Guess I will have to try it and see what happens!


Thanks again.



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Good idea to SORN the m/h. Unlikely to use mine at least till June, poss July so saving 1/4 of a year and using the .gov website couldn't have been easier. I reckon it took 2 minutes and a refund should be with me in days. All you need is your V5, or log book, A doddle


So if you're not going to use yours in April, might as well save the money (lol) 8-)

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Successfully went through the quick DVLA SORN process yesterday no problems, five minutes max.


Looking forward to receiving the refund but noticed on the last screen that my refund "should be received in four to six weeks" (!)


Is this how long we have to wait - really??

What is DVLA using a Sinclair ZX Spectrum !


Seriously though, how long does the refund take?


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Keithl - 2020-03-28 10:32 PM




I was going to suggest checking the expiry date of your Tax and MOT but the DVLA website is currently down for maintenance so this could possibly be your problem.






Don't think so. I only renewed my vehicle tax on 1st March and there's no MOT as its an 18 plate.


Maybe they're rebooting the ZX Spectrum :-D

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Mickt - 2020-03-28 7:48 PM


Yes reading numbers ok, still no good


Are you using the OFFICIAL gov.uk website to register SORN?




(There is also an ‘unofficial’ website that might well not recognise your motorhome’s registration number.)


Confirming VED (road tax) details can be done here




and MOT-test checks can be made here






The VED and MOT-test links all worked properly for me.


The SORN application link also worked OK when I entered the 11-digit number from my Rapido’s V5C and its registration number, though (as I did not attempt to actually SORN my motorhome) I do not know if there might have been a problem further down the line.


This link






After you make a SORN


You’ll automatically get a vehicle tax refund for any full remaining months. You’ll get this within 6 weeks of making a SORN.


“Within 6 weeks” doesn’t mean it will take that long for the refund cheque to arrive (though the delay might be longer than usual currently due to lots of motorists deciding to SORN) but it should discourage people from contacting the DVLA the day after submitting a SORN application and demanding where the refund is!


This DVLA coronavirus update




also suggests that SORN refund cheques might take a while to arrive.


When the DVLA was being set up in Swansea in the early 80s I was working at GCHQ, and several IT specialists who had come to Cheltenham from Wales transferred to the DVLA to help create their computer systems and databases. There’s some interesting DVLA-related stuff on Wikipedia




though it doesn’t reveal if Spectrum computers form the mainstay of their systems.

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I sorn my minibus and thought I was on the Gov site until it asked for money.

So easy to do and looked the same as the Gov site

Ended that instantly and clicked on the correct site and it took seconds.

1st time ive had to use the system.

Motorhome is next.

I like many had so many plans for this year.


Take care everyone


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I was surprised to find DVLA still issuing cheques, as I had assumed they would have kept up with the times and issued refunds by bank transfer. It doesn't really matter how long the refund cheque takes, as it will be some time before any of us can go to the bank to pay it in.
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