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12volt not working


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Have a rollerteam autoroller 694 on ehu or running van everything on control panel works but when on 12volt the batteries,water gauges ,temp buttons all work but as soon as press pump button or light button panel goes off ,someone tried fitting a battery master abd put wires wrong way round and van was rub fir 2 hour drive home without us knowing we have since disconnected all wires to battery master to put van back to normal and now have this problem, have checked all fuses battery had multimeter test showing its fully charged solar box is still working putting charge into battery but don't know why the panel switches off as soon as press button for pump or lights any ideas please 

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Is the polarity of the leisure battery actually correct? I only ask as I once saw a car where the battery had been totally flattened and recharged with reverse polarity and wonder if the same could have happened here as you ran the MH for two hours trying to charge it 'backwards'!

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1 hour ago, bucko1 said:

Checked all fuses when press light switch  on control panel above door the battery voltage drops I  front of your eyes turn lights off charge goes back up to 13v its baffling 

have you got a meter to enable you to check voltages?

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On 21/02/2024 at 13:04, bucko1 said:

don't know why the panel switches off as soon as press button for pump

You have a failing connection between the panel and battery or a failing leasure battery.  It could be in a cable, cable termination, fuse holder. Check  again any changes you made.

Check  connectons to the leasure battery Including the negative  cable and its terminations.  Measuring voltages with a meter whilst an assistant switches  panel loads may help to pinpoint the fault.

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